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What is Diesel Exhaust Fluid?

Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is used in vehicles equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems to reduce harmful emissions from diesel engines. It is composed of 32.5% high-purity urea and 67.5% deionized water.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid is injected into the exhaust stream of diesel vehicles, where it reacts with the harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions and converts them into harmless nitrogen and water vapor. This process helps significantly reduce diesel engines' environmental impact by ensuring compliance with strict emission standards.

Suppose you are looking for a urea dealership contact number in Agra. In that case, I recommend contacting the official Motors website or their customer support for assistance finding a local dealership in your area.

As for the DEF 20 ltr price, AdBlue bulk price may vary depending on various factors such as location, supplier, and quantity purchased. It would be best to contact authorized dealers or suppliers of DEF products in your area to obtain accurate pricing information specific to your requirements.

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